About Us

We at Roshans understand that photographs are one of the most important items in our household. So much so that if asked to name a couple of items you would save in an emergency, family photographs would often come up. They are invaluable since they carry treasured memories of our family and special events. Most of our priced photographs were taken many years ago prior to the age of digital cameras. It is inevitable that with time they fade and loose the lustre they once had. Often they would sustain all types of damage: tears, rips, creases, stains, spots, blotches, mould etc. Digitising photographs ensures that images aren’t subjected to further deterioration. Additionally, digital photo restoration can make damaged photographs clean, clear and crisp as the day they were taken. All our restored photos are ready for copying, archiving and print.

Photo restoration service we provide is varied according to the degree of damage in the photograph (Minor, Moderate, Major and Extensive). Minor restoration service fixes photographs with a relatively small amount of damage. Complexity and time required for the restoration process is not significant. Extensive restoration involves major repairs. Damages regions are substantial in size and number, requiring considerable amount of time and effort to restore. Remaining restoration processes are of intermediate complexity.

Roshans photo enhancement services photographs that are free of damage, but need an improvement in appearance. Image enhancement may include adjustments of brightness and contrast, image sharpening, colour enhancement, straightening etc. Additionally, we are able to make alterations to photographs. From minor cosmetic alteration such as red eye removal, whitening teeth to major alterations, removing subject and objects from images or background replacement.

To access our services simply send in photographs that require restoring to orders@roshanpre.com.au or via our online order form. We will send you an obligation FREE quote. Upon receiving notification to proceed we will use our specialised software to perform the requested services. Completed Images are ready for copying, archiving and print. We guarantee that you’d be pleased with the end results. Have a look through the gallery of our previous work.