How to Order Our Services

Restoration of your damaged photographs or accessing any of the services from Roshan Photo Restoration and Enhancement is easy as it can be. You just need to send in an electronic copy of the photograph/s that require restoring and we’ll do the rest. You will get the fixed up image in no time! No need to be concerned with surprise charges since all jobs will include a detailed obligation FREE quote.

Ordering chart

1.  Obtain a digital image of the photograph that requires restoring.

  • Preferred specifications:
    • Tiff file format (uncompressed) with a Resolution of 300dpi. However, we do accept other popular image file formats (e.g. jpg, jpeg, BMP, png, etc..) and other specifications.
    • If your images are digitised, do not convert the format of the image file to another format (file conversion may result in a loss of quality). We will be converting it if required.
  • Obtaining digital copies of photographs:

2.  Send digital images to us

    • Specify your job requirements in our online Order Form and upload image/s from your PC directly to our website (15MB size limit per image).
    • OR
    • Attach image/s file to an email containing your job requirements (as per our order form) and send to:
      • orders@roshanpre.com.au
    • NB: Email providers generally have size limits to attachments. In our email service it is approximately 18 MB (equates to about 25MB with coding overhead), a typical value amongst many email providers. Total attachment size of less than 15MB is safe in most cases.

3.  We send you a quote

  • You will be notified with the following details:
    • Details of the job/s (Including classification).
    • Itemised cost of job/s.
    • Delivery details (including an estimate date of delivery).

4.  You can accept and arrange payment

  • Once we are notified with your acceptance of the terms of the quote we will commence working on the job/s.
  • Payment options:
    • Direct deposit - Transfer of funds directly to our account.
    • PayPal - Credit card, debit card or bank account with PayPal online banking system.
  • Complex tasks (namely extensive restoration and complex alterations) you do not need to make arrangement for payment until we send a low resolution verification copy of the completed image and you are satisfied with the result.

5.  Deliver completed images

  • Image specifications:
    • Completed image/s (300 dpi, Tiff, 24 bit depth and of original size unless specified otherwise).
  • Delivery method:
    • To your nominated delivery email address as an attachment.