Services and Prices

The range of services we provide are categorised as photo restoration, photo enhancement, photo effects and alteration. These are further subdivided according to the complexity and specifics of the work required. Prices listed here is for the service of a standard size photograph 6”x4” (15 cm x 10 cm). Please refer to the ordering guide for a detailed description of the ordering process. If you require further detail or clarification don’t hesitate to contact us.

Photo Restoration

Over the years photographs often sustain numerous imperfections, creases, scratches, spots, mould, stains, tears, blotches, abrasions etc. Roshan Photo Restoration and Enhancement classifies photographs according the extent of damage and the complexity of the restoration process. All our photo restoration services also include an enhancement of the photograph. A browse through our categorised gallery of examples should give you some insight to our classification structure.

Minor Restoration Imperfections are:
  • Away from the main subject.
  • Relatively small in size.
  • Small amount in number.
$15 - $20
Moderate Restoration Imperfections are:
  • Generally located away from the subjects faces and exposed limbs.
  • Not significant in size and number.
  • Damaged regions have regular uniform texture.
$20 - $30
Major Restoration
  • Imperfections located in the face and exposed limbs are not significant in size.
  • Regions adjacent to large damaged sections have comparable texture.
  • Extensive restoration is not required.
Extensive Restoration Damaged regions are significant in size. May encompass large portions of limbs or even whole limbs. (NB: The restoration process is likely to improve the existing appearance of the images. However, achieving textural equivalency becomes difficult as the size of the damaged regions and complexity of the texture increases.) Quotation

Photo Enhancement

Often many photographs do not need restoration, but an improvement in its appearance is much needed. Inadequate lighting, excessive lighting or other factors may render the photos less than acceptable. With time photos often fade and loose the lustre and vividness they once had. Whatever the case maybe modern day photo enhancement techniques can markedly improve the quality of your existing photos (see the gallery of examples).

Enhancements include:
  • Adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Increase sharpness of images
  • Enhance colour
  • Colour balance adjustment
  • Straightening, retanguling, minor cropping
  • Removal of some spots, specks, stains, smudges etc.. (size and number of imperfections should not be such that it can be rendered as needing restoration.)
$10 - $15

Photo Effects

Roshan Photo Restoration and Enhancement also provide photo alteration and photo effect services. Converting coloured photos to black and white or sepia, blurring and art effects, removing subjects from images or changing background of photographs. Have a look through our photo effects and alteration gallery of examples .

  • Black and white conversion - Convert colour images to grayscale.
  • Sepia toning conversion - Convert colour images to sepia to create an aged look.
  • Partial black and white conversion - Convert part of the image to black and white whilst selected regions remain in colour.
  • Art effects - Convert images to brush stroke, chalk or pencil painting.
  • Blurring - Keep selected part (i.e. a particular subject) in focus and blur other regions.


  • Remove subjects and objects from photographs.
  • Place subjects or objects in a different background.
  • Red eye removal.
  • Whiten teeth and other cosmetic alterations.